South Asia Gateway Terminals (Pvt) Ltd.
Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka

About SAGT

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean and located to the south of the Indian sub-continent. The Port of Colombo, located in the South-West corner of the island is rated amongst the Top Container ports in the world.

South Asia Gateway Terminals (Pvt) Ltd., better known as SAGT is on a 30 year B.O.T. and is owned by a consortium of local and international establishments of repute. The terminal is located in the port of Colombo at the renowned and historic Queen Elizabeth Quay. The port’s natural geographic location is strategically positioned on the main East-West shipping route, linking the Far East with Africa, Europe, and the East Coast of the US, providing ideal connections to the trade in the Indian sub-continent. This makes the Port of Colombo a superb strategic hub.

In 1999 SAGT set out to conquer its quest of setting benchmark standards in terms of service excellence, productivity, efficiency and consistency. Today SAGT peruses its commitment in maintaining international standards and its position as “The Transhipment Hub of Tomorrow’s World”.


In September 1999, a concession agreement was signed between the government of Sri Lanka and a consortium of local and international establishments in shipping, commerce and finance.

This consortium known as South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT) took over the operation and management of the historic Queen Elizabeth Quay (QCT) in the Port of Colombo, on the 5th of September 1999 on a 30 year Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) concession. Thus emerged the first modern private container terminal in Sri Lanka.

This is one of the largest foreign investments in Sri Lanka and was completed in three phases in 2003. Each of the phases involved the redevelopment of a berth at the QCT and included reclamation, steel piling, reinforced concrete decking, new pavements, reefer stacking areas, electrical infrastructure and the introduction of the most modern container handling systems.

Company Profile

SAGT is owned by a consortium of local and global industry leaders in shipping, Commerce and finance. It is comprised of John Keells Holdings PLC , Sri Lanka’s premier blue chip conglomerate, and the next major partner being A.P. Moller Group. Other shareholders include Evergreen International SA, Peony Investments SA and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.


John Keells Holdings PLC
A.P. Moller Group
Evergreen International SA
Peony Investments SA
Sri Lanka Ports Authority


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Safety & Environment

SAGT is committed to providing a safe and a healthy work place to protect all those affected by its activities and to avoid or minimize any adverse environmental impact of its businesses. While the Chief Executive Officer holds ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this policy at all levels of the organization, every SAGT employee shall accept individual responsibility and be respectively accountable for managing Health, Safety and Environment matters.

The Company shall establish targets to measure and monitor its performance and strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment management.

In order to achieve its objectives, SAGT management shall:

Annually review the Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Annually review and document the Health, Safety and Environment risks associated with the business and implement action plans to minimize these risks. Additional and special emphasis will be given to controlling the hazards that represent the greatest potential for fatal injury.

Comply with all applicable regulations, legislations and where applicable best industrial practices and standards.

Annually audit the Health, Safety and Environment management system in order to assess the effectiveness of existing practices and document implementation of recommendations.

Carryout detailed risk assessments before any new operational methods are undertaken.

Provide appropriate Health, Safety and Environmental training for staff of all levels.

Ensure Health, Safety and Environmental implications are considered when making any investment decisions and implement the best commercially viable techniques consistent with this policy.

Ensure that proper and effective reporting, investigation, documentation and remediation of incidents take place in accordance with applicable regulations, legislations and the management system.

Encourage partners, contractors and suppliers to achieve comparable Health, Safety and Environmental standards.

Consult and interact openly with external bodies and other interested stakeholders.

Submit annual reports on all Health, Safety and Environmental matters in accordance with applicable regulations, legislations and management system.

The Port of Colombo is one of the first ports in the region to obtain International Ships and Ports Facility Security(ISPS), US-CSI and US-Megaport Compliance.